A name can mean so many things. Taking a step back and understanding the meaning behind the name can make sense of a brand or product. One product with an interesting name would be Eliya, which is the maker of King Coconut Water sourced in Sri Lanka.

The name “Eliya” itself has a few different meanings. In Hebrew, for example, “Eliya” is a religious name often used as an alternative to “Elijah.” Eliya is traditionally a male name, though there has been a resurgence of girls in modern times given the name.

In the context of King coconut water, the company Eliya has roots tied to Sri Lankan culture. On the tropical island, there is a hilly location known as Nuwara Eliya, a name that means "city of light" in the native language. The city was initially discovered in the early 19th century by Dr. John Davy. Later in the century, Samuel Baker, a man well-known for his discovery of Lake Albert and his exploration of Nile, later established Nuwara Eliya as an ideal destination for British citizens looks to go abroad. The city was, and still is, an important factor in Sri Lanka’s tea production for foreigners.

Today, Nuwara Eliya offers many features for locals and travelers alike. Some include Victoria Park, Mackwoods Museum, Victoria Museum, Lake Gregory, and Galway's Land National Park. For spiritual folk, the city is also home to many such places. The city houses Hindu temples such as the Sita Mata Temple, the Sirimadura Ganapathy Kovil Temple, and the Thiruverkadu Sri Muthu Mariamman Temple. There are other spiritual places as well, such as Zuikeizan Eiunji, a Buddhist temple, and St. Sebastian's Church. Considering the serene natural surroundings from waterfalls to bright greenery, one might say that Nuwara Eliya provides a down to earth and peaceful ambiance.

In regards to the King Coconut Water company, Eliya took inspiration from the city of Nuwara Eliya. The company’s creators, a married couple, relocated to the city on Sri Lanka. The wife, a Sri Lankan herself, commented positively on the locally grown King coconuts in comparison to green coconuts. Indeed, King coconuts have a much higher water content and are naturally sweeter than other tree nuts. The company took inspiration from the city’s natural environment and from there, Eliya was born.

When it comes to their King Coconut Water, Eliya strives to make their customers see the light. The King coconut water is made through both organic and sustainable processes. The water is bottled locally to preserve the best taste possible. Eliya, like Nuwara Eliya, strives to be natural and give people a flavorful taste of Sri Lankan culture.

Eliya is the producer of organic King Coconut Water. Bottled in Sri Lanka, the name “Eliya” in the native language means “light”. When compared to other coconut water brands, the makers of King coconut water work hard to create an environmentally friendly, all-natural, and humane product. Eliya’s King coconut water allows people around the world to taste sweet tropical flavors in the comfort of their own homes. Eliya wants everyone to see the light in just how good a coconut water can be.

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